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Think you need a college degree

to make a 6-figure salary?

Think again!


The article, Grads Are Working Jobs That Don’t Use Their Degrees, published in the Wall Street Journal, highlights how roughly half of college graduates end up in jobs where their degrees aren’t needed.


That's a key finding of a new study tracking the career paths of more than 10 million people who entered the job market over the past decade. It suggests that the number of graduates in jobs that don’t make use of their skills or credentials—52%—is greater than previously thought, and underscores the lasting importance of that first job after graduation.

Meet Christian!


So, on to Christian who started his career as a firefighter. The hours and pay were just two factors that led Christian to step away from the fire service.


He uncovered his next career in an unexpected way. Needing to tint the windows on his car, Christian decided to do it himself instead of paying someone else.


Christian researched, taught himself how to tint, and now his business "Tinting Everything" based in Orlando, FL, transforms cars, residential homes, commercial buildings, and anything with a window. Oh, and did we mention he earns 6 figures? Yup!


See for yourself! 👇


What are your primary responsibilities as a window tinter? How about as a business owner?


What's the earning potential for a window tinter? For a business owner?


For someone interested in becoming a window tinter, what steps should they take?


What does the future of this industry look like?

Christian's full interview is 29 minutes, broken into 24 chapters. In his interview he discusses:

  • The pros and cons as a window tinter and business owner

  • Challenges he's faced

  • Tips to get started

  • Finding good employees

  • Education and physical requirements

  • Longevity of window tinters

  • Surprising facts about the profession

  • And much more!

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