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Levi Tedlie, CA


"I was having so much anxiety trying to figure out what to do after high school. Hearing from others takes a lot of the pressure off and for the first time, I feel excited instead of anxious about choosing a career."

Rich Brown, GA


"As a lifelong educator, I must say this is a revolutionary platform. I have yet to see a resource that covers so many career paths, is student-centered, and is as relevant in today's world as Perspectiv."

Kat Roe, OH


“I think it's important for young girls, girls of color especially, to know that they can be or do whatever they want. I am so excited that children finally have access to something like this. Perspectiv is going to change the world!"
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  • What is your official job title and how long have you worked in this profession?
    My official title is Curator of Bird Training at Avian Behavior International. I’ve been working with raptors since 2011.
  • Was it always your ambition to become a Curator of Bird Training? At what age did you decide to pursue this career? Was there a specific moment when you decided to become a Curator of Bird Training and what inspired you?
    When I was little, I wanted to be a paleontologist just like Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park. Once I was older, I began volunteering and interning with different facilities to get experience with all types of animals. Mammals, reptiles, songbirds, etc. I found my love for birds of prey very quickly and pursued a career working with raptors. When I began working with raptors, it was all wildlife rehabilitation. It wasn’t until later that I found a passion for animal behavior and training. So my career was quite unexpected! In the end, I do work with dinosaurs just like I wanted to as a child.
  • What do you love most about your work? What don’t you like about your work and what would you change if you could?
    My favorite part of my job is working with a team of people who share my goals, visions, and ideals. I am so thankful to work with such an amazing and supportive team. My least favorite part of my job is when animals pass away. Birds can be extremely sensitive, and many species don’t live long. It’s always hard to say goodbye to an animal you love.
  • What are your primary responsibilities as a curator of bird training?
    My primary responsibilities include preparing diets, weighing birds, training, and working on courses for the website with my team.
  • What does a typical day (or week) look like for you?
    In a typical day, there is always lots of cleaning and food prep to do. Some days we work on training new behaviors, other days we are booked with guest experiences, so it changes a lot. A big part of the job is writing and filming courses for the website and helping website members with their training questions. Creating new content is a lot of fun!
  • What kinds of problems do you deal with? What kinds of decisions do you make?
    With birds, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Staying on top of potential problems before they arise is key. This means constantly observing bird behavior, ensuring enclosures are all safe and kept up with maintenance, preparing for inclement weather, and more. When free flying birds, almost anything can happen. The bird could fly miles away, fight with wild birds, anything. I think one of the most important skills to have when flying birds is the ability to act quickly and make on the spot decisions.
  • How does your position fit within the organization/field/industry? What are some common career paths in this field?
    Animal training has a huge role in many fields, including both education and conservation of wildlife. By utilizing the safest and most effective training techniques, facilities can care for their animals with much less stress. From shifting animals in a zoo from one area to another to voluntary medical procedures to educational programs that help show people why our wildlife is important, training has so many uses and benefits. This is a big reason we have the Avian Behavior Lab website, to help other bird trainers improve their skills and give the birds the best life possible. There are many other career paths within the field though such as wildlife rehabilitation, field studies, education program presenters, zookeepers, and more.
  • How does your job affect your general lifestyle and/or family life?
    Working with animals can mean that you don't often get holidays off, and work schedules can be less flexible. Animals don't take days off, so they will always need to be cared for. It can be challenging at times to travel or be offsite for days at a time. I think it is important to try to find a balance between work and a personal life, but often that is a blurred line for me. There will be plenty of times you have to work early, stay late, or help in emergency situations.
  • What related fields do you think someone interested in your occupation should consider looking into?
    There are so many rewarding careers in the animal field. I highly recommend getting hands on experience at different facilities through volunteering or interning to see what you like best. Some related fields include field research, veterinary care, rehabilitation, zookeeping, propagation, and speaking educational programs to the public. Each role is important, but they are all very different lines of work! While one person may love the medical aspect of animal care, another person may have a passion for speaking to the public.
  • What path did you follow to become a curator of bird training? How do most people get into this field? What are common entry-level jobs?
    While I knew I wanted to work with animals as a child, I didn't have a concrete plan of what I wanted to be. After getting hands on experience with many types of wildlife, I knew right away I had a love for raptors. I got a job with the World Bird Sanctuary after I graduated from college and completed an internship there, and I began by speaking educational programs with free flight birds. From there I really took an interest in improving my training techniques, and eventually I was promoted to oversee all bird training. I think most people get into the field through volunteering and internships, and many get hired that way too! Entry level jobs often require a lot of cleaning and food prep, but no matter how high up the ladder you go, if you work with animals cleaning will always be part of the job. I don't think there will ever come a day when I am not preparing meat diets or cleaning up bird poop. And that's ok with me!
  • What level of education is typically required to be a successful curator of bird training? How relevant to your work is your undergraduate major?
    Many facilities give preference to a biology or related degree, but it isn't always a requirement. I know some amazing trainers who have no degree or even an unrelated degree such as business. It will definitely give you an edge over the competition though. My degree is Wildlife and Fisheries Science. I definitely learned a lot, especially about wildlife conservation and management, with my degree, but the animal training skills I have learned were all learned on my own. I try to continue learning throughout my life as best I can. I don't only value knowledge that comes from a degree.
  • What skills, abilities, and personal attributes are essential to success in your job/field?
    To succeed in this field, the most important thing to me is having an open mind to learn. There will always be new and improved methods each year, no matter your exact field. Thinking you already know everything is a dangerous path. It is also important to be patient, perseverant, and observant to detail.
  • What's your favorite thing about your job? Up to this point, what has been the highlight of your career?
    From an animal standpoint, my favorite part of my job is flying falcons. But even more important than that to me is working with an amazing team of people who believe in me, and I in them. You can have the best job in the world but be miserable with a team of people that just don't work well with you. I am beyond thankful for my coworkers and their vision for the future. The highlight of my career so far was the first time I caught game with my first falconry bird. While falconry is not part of my actual job, the training that goes into it and the lessons it has taught me are invaluable to my professional life. I had always wanted to be a falconer, and I will never forget my first successful hunt with my red-tailed hawk.
  • Is the job you do today what you expected/imagined when you first set out to be a curator of bird training? In what ways does it differ (better/worse)? If you could do it all over again, would you choose the same path for yourself?
    I definitely never expected to be a bird trainer, but I can't imagine doing anything else now that I am! When I started working with raptors, I only did wildlife rehabilitation. Administering treatments and medications, tube feeding sick patients, etc. It was by chance that I was hired as a program speaker with free flying birds that I found an interest in training and behavior. It was simply the position available at the facility I was interested in. I always say to myself, all of the hardships, tough times, and struggles shaped me into the exact person I am in this moment. It was all necessary to be who I am today. I wouldn't trade my life experiences for anything, even though there have been some difficult times. Without the tough times, we would all be very different people.
  • What advice would you give someone who is considering this career?
    My biggest advice is simply to get hands on experience to see if you enjoy the work. So many people think they want to work with animals, and then they are disappointed to find out that it is a lot of food prep and cleaning. It's not just playing with birds all day. Getting hands on experience will help you decide if this line of work is for you.
  • What are the most effective strategies for someone seeking a position in this field? Can you recommend trade journals, magazines, or professional associations that might be helpful to someone considering this path?
    A lot of facilities will hire from within their group of interns and volunteers. In fact, I was hired twice after being an intern at different facilities. Hiring staff are given the benefit of seeing how you work in person, and they will value good work efforts in potential hiring situations. I also recommend joining organizations related to your field. For example, if you want to work in wildlife rehabilitation, join the NWRA and attend some conferences. If you want to be a falconer, become a member of NAFA or join your state falconry club. These types of memberships will help you to make connections with others in your field and gain experience as well. The Avian Behavior Lab is a great resource for bird trainers to learn, make connections, and share their training with others too!
  • What salary range could someone entering this field expect to earn?
    Salary really depends on where you live and what your position is. Entry level positions in the animal care field are not often high paying and may even be at or near minimum wage at times. I always tell people that we aren't in it for the money. I certainly wouldn't expect to be making 6 figures working with birds. But there are opportunities to make decent money depending on your position and the facility you work for. Especially if you are promoted later.
  • Is there anything on your mind, that hasn't already been discussed, that you'd like to share with people hoping to follow in your footsteps?
    One of the things I have learned this past year is to take a chance. If your dream seems difficult to reach or impossible, just give it your best try and see what happens. I recently left everything behind in my life to move across the country and start over new. A new state, new job, new was scary and difficult. But I am so glad I took a leap of faith and gave everything a shot. Life is too short to stay where you're comfortable and never take chances. I say, go for your dreams!


Exclusive interviews with people ALREADY DOING your dream job - it’s like having a mentor right at your fingertips to turn to for advice and insight!

A comprehensive guide to ALL of the possibilities out there in your career search - the days of saying “I had no idea that was a job!” are over!

A templated MAP through a job search - no more so-called “job matches” in your inbox that have NOTHING to do with your experience, interests, or goals!

A genuine investment in your success - we are cheering you on every step of the way and will always be here to support you or help you find the jobs you want to learn more about!

The inside scoop - this isn’t your typical career day. We will share with you the nitty gritty and dirty secrets of the day-to-day in your dream industry!

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We offer special rates for schools, homeschool co-ops, youth groups, and any other large organization!


Contact us today to learn more!

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  • All Cosmic features PLUS:

  • Unlimited access to everything FOREVER

  • Introductory call with our team

  • Two 45-minute 1:1 mentorship calls with our Expert Career Coach

  • Interest-free payment plan

Transparency is important to us, and you will always be able to cancel your subscription at any time.


Ready to leave anxiety about your future in the past? 


We can’t wait to help you shoot for the STARS. 


See you out there — you’re going to LOVE the view.

Ice Farmer.jpg
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An Interview with
Xander Bianchi & Lucas Carrion


Ever heard of ice farming? 

Yeah, we hadn’t either. But it’s a real job!

You don’t need to dream bigger or work harder. 


Trust us, we’ve been there. It doesn't work. 


Countless people have dedicated years of their lives and accrued insurmountable debt pursuing a “dream job” that ends up being a complete nightmare. 


You don’t have to be so discontented or unfulfilled by the work that you do that your career negatively affects your mood, your life, and the lives of those around you. 

What you CAN have is an all-access view into the careers you’ve yearned for, dreamed of, and searched for, but need a little more information to make a crystal clear decision!

Perspectiv Website (22).png

That’s where having 

some Perspectiv comes in.

Our mission at Perspectiv is to help as many people as possible find their purpose and live meaningful, impactful, and happy lives by helping them find the right career path!

We want you to be able to consider a particular profession and form your own opinion based on the honest experiences of those who have walked before you.

You aren’t meant to follow expectations.

You’re meant to BE OUT OF THIS WORLD.

That’s why Perspectiv is different. 


Perspectiv is the future of career guides. We interview professionals across many fields and industries (yes, many unexpected ones too!) FOR YOU, giving you access to firsthand accounts of day-to-day life in prospectiv occupations. 


Think of it as … a career guide equation. 


Job shadowing + mentors + career day =

Perspectiv Career Telescope

Perspectiv Website (5).png
Astrodude in Hammock.png

Perspectiv Is Your Tour Guide Through the Career Galaxies

Imagine if YOU reached your individual potential and answered your career calling. 


Now imagine if all of society did that ... what an amazing world it would be!


I mean, really, we are SEEING STARS.

When you make new discoveries about what careers are out there, you see what is possible and dream even bigger. 


You can have fun and expand your knowledge while also growing your freedom and extinguishing your anxieties about what the future holds. 


Most importantly, we believe that if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.

So, stop reinventing the wheel. The future is now. It’s right here. The entire world is at your fingertips - what a time to be alive!

With the Perspectiv Career Telescope helping you, you’ll broaden your horizons and open your eyes to new worlds of opportunity. 


Along the way, we will be here to guide, inspire, and support you on your journey. 


Because we believe in this mission. We believe in making the great unknown a little closer to home and accessible to everyone.

You deserve a chance to pursue your dream life.

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