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Want the truth about sales?

It's awesome.

It’s lucrative, a degree is optional, and according to the Sales Education Foundation, "over 50% of college graduates, regardless of their major, take their first job in a sales role."


So why is no one talking about sales?


Meet Jay, Perspectiv's own Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and accomplished sales leader.


A bit about wasn’t really his thing. He worried that he wouldn’t find a career that he loved and could excel at and got into sales by accident.

According to Jay, "It’s the best career ever!"


See for yourself! 👇


What kind of education is required to work in this field?


What is the earning potential

for a sales leader?


What are some common problems or challenges in this field?


Do you have any general life advice for someone just beginning their career search?

Jay’s full interview is 38 minutes, broken into 24 chapters. Watch and learn about the various sales roles, the effect on family life, what he loves most (and least), and misconceptions about the profession.


He also touches on work setting, typical hours, room for advancement, and shares some surprising facts.


Finally, find out steps you can take if you're interested in

a career in sales.

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Ready for liftoff? Let's go!

We can't wait to help you and your child shoot for the stars!

See you out there - you're going to love the view!

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