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What sets your soul on fire? 🔥

Did you know that jobs in the arts can pay up to $400,000 per year? That's what ZipRecruiter shares in the article, 25 of the Highest Paying Arts Jobs in 2024. It showcases lucrative careers in the arts, some of which don't require an art degree at all.

Rich Brown lives by Jennifer Lee's famous quote,

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."


Rich was a teacher for 17 years. When he fell in love with pottery, he decided to put all of his energy toward becoming the best potter possible.


His work is sold in museum shops across the country, his pieces are carried by West Elm, he's featured in the book Contemporary Black American Ceramic Artists, and he is the inventor of Speedball's Boss Base pottery tool. Would you believe these are just a few of Rich's many accomplishments?

Just the beginning...

Interesting fact about Rich: He plans to combine both careers and return to teaching after achieving his Masters in Ceramics, which he will start in Fall 2024. 


He credits Zac Brown (yes, of the Zac Brown Band) with helping him take the leap by covering his family's health insurance for two years while he started Potter32. Cool story!


Watch as Rich describes what a day in the life of a potter is like, what he loves most

(and least!), and some advice he has for aspiring potters.


See for yourself! 👇


What does a typical day in the life of a studio potter look like?


What's your least favorite thing about

this profession?


What do you love most about your job?


For someone who wants to do pottery as a career, what steps can they take to get started?

Rich's full interview is 40 minutes and it's broken into 24 bite-sized chapters.

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