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Is the trade school stigma finally changing?

We think so. Woo-hoo!

A recent Wall Street Journal article, How Gen Z Is Becoming the Tool Belt Generation, highlights how more young workers are going into the trades. And, those jobs are in VERY high demand.

"America needs more plumbers, and Gen Z is answering the call."

According to the article, "disenchantment with the college track continues, and rising pay and new technologies shine up plumbing and electrical jobs."

Enter David and James.

For the reasons stated above, we knew it was important to interview some people with lots of experience and great stories to share.


Watch David Joseph's story in the first two chapter videos below. David is a plumber and entrepreneur, the owner of HIS Plumber. David is passionate about the field, loves his job, and enjoys mentoring his employees and apprentices who are thriving in this profession.


Meet James Smith, Jr. James drives for the movies (glamorous, right?). He started as a heavy haul truck driver and still does this between movie gigs (or when there's a strike!). Watch the bottom two chapters to learn what his job is like how much heavy haulers make per year.


Both of these careers allow you to make a 6-figure salary and neither requires a college degree!


See for yourself! 👇


What's something unexpected that you

learned after getting into this field?


What's something surprising about this career that people don't typically know?


What advice would you give someone

who is interested in the plumbing field?


Are there any misconceptions about this profession that you'd like to address?

Members can access David's full interview which is 56 minutes long and divided into 14 chapters. It includes 3 bonus "virtual job shadow" videos where we followed the HIS Plumber team in the field to get an inside look at their day-to-day job. Our Founder and CEO, Meg, even got a chance to get her hands dirty and shovel mud that day!


James' full interview about heavy hauling (usually plane engines and big equipment!) is 43 minutes, broken into 25 bite-sized chapters!


Start your membership today!

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We can't wait to help you and your child shoot for the stars!

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