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What if I don't like the career I pick?

Have I failed?


Nope! Actually, this is VERY common. So, don't sweat it - you're in great company! 🤗 

She loves working in the film industry.


In her interview she discusses what a career in audiology looks like and why she ultimately decided to blaze a new trail!

See for yourself! 👇

Molly (or Dr. Starowesky in her first career!) is the perfect example of someone who had a successful career, yet made a big switch that was more in line with where she wanted to go in life.


For years Molly worked as a pediatric audiologist. In the chapters below, see Molly describe some of the downsides and the pressures of this profession which led her to look into different career options.


She now works in the movie industry. Well, that's a 180! She recently finished working on Francis Ford Coppola's magnum opus, Megalopolis, and is currently working on DC Studios'

new Superman set to release in 2025.


What skills, abilities, or personal attributes do you need to succeed in this profession?


What kinds of decisions were you responsible for making as an audiologist?


What was your least favorite

aspect of this career?


Do you have any general advice for someone just beginning their career search?

Employers are continuing to face a skills gap that has them struggling to fill positions. For this reason, 70% of employers are willing to hire and train someone with transferable skills. That is good news for job seekers (or switchers 😉).


The point is: Kids don't have to figure out what they're going to do forever – they just have to decide what they're going to do next. Phew! We hope that helps ease some pressure and stress.


One of the awesome Perspectiv features is our "Course Correct Galaxy," where you can hear from people who've changed careers successfully, what inspired them to pivot, and advice they have for others looking for that dream job! Hear from a:

  • Doctor turned filmmaker (the AstroExpert featured here!)

  • Nuclear pharmacist turned food truck owner

  • Nurse turned tattoo artist

  • Airplane mechanics turned entrepreneurs

  • Teacher turned studio potter

  • Bartender turned airline pilot

  • Aerospace engineer turned beekeeper

  • Firefighter turned window tinter (last week's AstroExpert!)

  • And many more!

Molly's full interview is 36 minutes, broken into 20 chapters.


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Ready to see what's out there but not sure where to start? We got you.

We can't wait to help you and your child shoot for the stars!

See you out there - you're going to love the view!

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