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Hottest Job in the US?

That's a tall order.

Late last year, Bloomberg published an article, Hottest Job in US pays $80,000, No College Degree Needed. Wow, that grabs your attention, right? According to the piece, "Employment of wind-turbine service technicians will increase almost 45% over the next decade, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts—faster than in any other occupation, bolstered by the federal government’s renewable energy push."


If you or your student has a passion for green energy and sustainability, this could be the dream career!

Meet Lucas and Meadow...

Lucas and Meadow work for a company called Rope Partner. They are rope access technicians, and they happen to specialize in repairing the fiberglass on wind turbine blades!


A rope access technician can work in many different fields, not just on wind farms. Anything that is performed high off the ground and is difficult to access any other way requires a rope access technician (think mountain rescue, window washing, working on oil and gas rigs, construction jobs...the list goes on).


Below are just a few chapters from their interview. Check these out to get a glimpse into this incredible and very specialized field.


See for yourself! 👇


For someone interested in being a rope access wind turbine tech, what steps should they take to get into this field?


What salary could someone expect to earn as a rope access wind turbine tech?


What skills and personality traits are essential to being successful in this line of work?


What are some of the hazards inherent

to the work you do?

Lucas and Meadow's interview is a total of 34 minutes

and is broken into 15 chapters.


They share all the pros and cons, how to get started, and also discuss managing fear and always making safety their top priority.

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